Drinks at your next event


Creating the perfect drink makes your event great

With lockdowns over and gatherings on the rise, it’s time for Auckland to open up and celebrate.  If there has ever been a reason to host an event and enjoy your family and friends – its now

Introducing 3 great Auckland businesses that focus on bringing the drinks to you.  Just hearing the pop of that champagne cork is enough to get any party started


Bad Rabbit

It’s time to crack open that beer, pop the champagne, and party with friends and family. Celebrating is what we do and after the last couple of years, everything is worth celebrating.

No longer does party planning need to be stressful, after all, the whole point about events is to create memories and put some fun into your life.  When it comes to ordering your drinks, it needs to be seamless, well calculated, and time-efficient. Bad Rabbit do exactly that. 

From the ashes of Covid, Marcel put 20 years of ideas into reality and launched Bad Rabbit in August 2021 with the sole purpose to make drink ordering cost-effective, simple, and time-efficient.  There’s no more guessing how much to buy with a drinks calculator online.  No more visiting multiple drinks outlets sourcing what you are after to find they are out of stock.  No more high prices and planning months in advance – Bad Rabbit can have your order delivered free to your event with a minimum of 4 days’ notice.  It’s chilled and ready to go.   

They can even take further guesswork out with multiple packages online so you can take the expert’s advice. Or have a more tailored approach to your next event and call them – they can present all the options

Bad Rabbit have given a great discount code to all our readers this summer HOOLEYSUMMER10 to receive 10% off any order above $250. 

Photo Credit: Black Pineapple


Black Pineapple

Black Pineapple’s Founder Frankie has had a million roles in the hospitality industry and just felt that New Zealand did everything well except the drinks.  So he set about to change that.  With attention to detail as his superpower, nothing is left to chance when people hire his team.  Glassware, garnish, speed of delivery, quality service, and even the ice is the best in the business

Frankie and the team will sit down with you, understand your vision, hear your dreams, and create the plan.  They understand the theme, vibe, your guests, and learn about your business or brand if it’s a launch.  Nothing is left out.

I asked, ‘what makes you so good at what you do’.  Frankie replies ‘90% of what you don’t see makes up the 10% of the magic you do see’.  Detailed planning is definitely their superpower.

And their biggest satisfaction – making people happy. 


Morley & Co

Morley & Co have some of the cutest mobile bars in Auckland and the founder, Piers continues to grow the fleet of very cool bars.  Their fleet of mobile bars continues to grow – a two-tap Vespa is the latest to join the rest just in time for Summer. This very cool little Vespa can squeeze into the smallest courtyard or fit in a lift to enhance rooftop celebrations!

The crew at Morley & Co know their stuff and when it comes to pouring giggle juice, it involves a slight angle, the right glass, a spot of patience, and away you go!  Their mobile bars are crafted from a Piaggio Ape and Vespa- versatile & classy.  With pouring taps to serve your bubble drink/s of choice, they sure do add a touch of razzle-dazzle, not to mention the very call insta worthy pics.

Piers also takes the time to understand your story and vision of your event which allows the team to tailor based on your priorities. The results are delivering a magical event with the most perfect pour.

With all options available in Auckland, its time to enjoy this summer, to connect, to laugh, to dream and focus forward.  Make your next event special.  As Pier says, “every empty bottle is filled with stories; we say every good events deserves a mobile bar that adds to your story!”

One thing we have all learnt through 2021 is that our friends and family are so important.  So organise that party, pop that cherry on top and enjoy the fizz of that champagne no matter how its makes its way to your event

By Deanna Hinde
December 2021

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