Freelunch Street Theatre Company

Sandra from Freelunch - Event Planning Waikato

Founder: Sandra,

Who are the founders behind (your business)
Freelunch was started in 1999 and our first event was the Americas cup. We were like kids thrown into a massive event that we had no idea how to handle. But we rocked it.

What’s the funniest/weirdest thing that’s happened to you at an event
Actually there’s heaps but one that’s stuck with me is the time I forgot my stilt pants for an Auckland gig. I had to run to Dressmart and used a sari and duct tape to create something vaguely resembling trousers so I could do the gig.

Why would someone hire you?
Because what we do is not the same as others. 95% of our costume pieces are hand-made, one off originals. We don’t do what everyone else is doing.

What do you love about what you do?
The fact that after 21 years in this business (in fact I’ve personally been doing street theatre for 27yrs) we still get events that we have never done before. The variety of the costumes we can make is almost endless.

Any sustainable / ethical achievement you want to boast about?
We do try to create costumes using second hand materials were possible. It wasn’t really what we sought out to do but more as poor starving artists we had no other choice. When you have a limited budget you need to get creative.

Best event you’ve been to and why?
Best event was one that we were actually nearly 12 hrs early for thanx to me getting the hours messed up. We were asked to perform at the Cirque Du Soliel New Years Eve VIP party. It was huge and despite the fact we had no showers afterwards and had to drive home shedding metallic body paint everywhere, it was a buzz. We were so well fed and the vibe of the night was amazing. However, we did see some dubious dancing skills from some of the current all blacks. 

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