Kokedama Workshops

kokodema Workshop {Events New Zealand}

Founder:  Jo


Who are the founders behind (your business). 
I’m Jo, I was hooked when I first saw Kokedamas pop up in my feed on Pinterest and it grew from there

What is Kokedama?
Kokedama originates from Japan and is a plant wrapped in moss and twine.

Why would someone hire/buy your product/service?
There aren’t too many of us out there selling Kokedamas and not many people have heard of them.  Even less of us teaching it.  And its fun doing the workshop then addictive making your own!



What do you love about what you do?
Love watching the struggle at the start of the process turn into a proud smiles at the end when everybody produces there own Kokedama.  Also love the results I’m getting on my current Kokedamas, getting bigger plants and getting fantastic feedback on the finished product.

Your top tip for a successful event?
Being super organised.  Have extra plants on hand, more moss and extra balls of string.  

What are you most proudest about in your company?
The growth Ive experienced since lock down has been awesome.  Im loving every single Kokedama I do and love the looks on the customers faces when they finally get to see the finished product in real life.

A trend you are loving right now?
Love that everybody is embracing house plants.  They add so much to your decor and a lot of the ones I sell also have the benefit of cleaning your air.

Best event you’ve been to and why?
A fantastic hens doo just before lock down.  Had 22 students and it was so much fun!  Everybody got there with their balls and were proud of their creations

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