Le Cirque de JP

Flowart Magician {Events New Zealand}

Founder: JP


What’s the funniest/weirdest thing that’s happened to you at an event?

My pants completely tore during my finale of a show when I did a handstand. People thought it was on purpose etc. Hilarious ending 🙂

What do you love about what you do?

I bring smiles to people, I’m passionate, self content, anywhere i go i can entertain, perform etc. I am in two Words –  FREE SPIRITED. I am also inappropriate, it could be viewed as a weakness – to me it’s a strength 🙂 

Got a great story to tell us about your business? 

I have many. I am particularly surprised and happy about this video I posted a while ago on instagram (@presentingjp). It went viral on Facebook with almost 800,000 views overall and almost 15,000 shares.  This has never happened to me and it’s quite exciting 🙂

What makes your company different to your competitors? 

I’m French (there’s no professional French entertainer in NZ). I offer a large variety of services and acts – Balloon Artist, Professional Magician, Circus Artist, Comedian, Musician, for all generations, Kids, Adults, Elderly. I can perform for any audience, from the most conservative to the most extravert. I know how to adapt my Show to the audience mood and atmosphere.

Has there ever been major changes you’ve made in your business to pivot, to survive and to bring the best to the market?

I was seen as kids performers for years and then i created an extra website  www.presentingjp.co.nz for corporate events and adult parties. Now I am just myself, JP the French Entertainer, Magician and Circus Artist for all to enjoy. I don’t wear any make up, just foundation to cover my wrinkles ha ha 🙂 

Has business changed for you since COVID19?

Like everybody, I had all my shows cancelled but are slowly rebooking me now.

Covid 19 was a chance to enjoy family time.  I also created a  series – ‘ A Frenchman confined to NZ’ From Day 1 to Day 34 and its on my facebook page.  It has some very cool content, videos and posts.

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