Crazy About You Wedding Films Claimed

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I create wedding films and stories that capture events as they happen throughout your day. That way what you see in your films represents the genuine events that took place on your beautiful wedding day. I work with the flow of your wedding day, if anything changes last minute, we will work with whatever the day brings.

I work with whatever style you would like in your films. If you want the cinematic approach, then I can wow your socks off with jaw-dropping visuals and sweeping cinematic shots which capture the beauty of the area. Or if you like the idea of a wedding documentary, then I can make sure to capture your uncle awkward twerking on the dance floor.

We know wedding films are a bit harder to ‘hang on the wall’, so I make sure to work in with your wedding photographer so that we both get amazing visuals for your wedding photos as well as your wedding films.



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