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New Zealand's only dough boats on the shores of Lake Taupo

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Cruise along the shoreline of Lake Taupō with a group of up to 6 in New Zealand’s only donut boats!

Head off the shore of Lake Taupo in New Zealand’s only donut boats. Our eco-friendly Doughboats are one of the best things you can do in Taupo. They will take family and friends, young and old, on a unique and fun experience. The electric engine is as quiet as can be so you can enjoy your music on our bluetooth speakers. Doughboats is a Taupo must-do!

Nominate your captain from your group (of up to 6 people) and jump aboard! Rental sessions are 2 hours long. Our boats are super easy and safe to operate and can cruise up to 5 knots.

Book an evening session for a lit up experience, our boats have multicolored lights which enhance your Doughboat cruise all the more.


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