Malcolm Murder Mysteries Claimed

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Yvonne and Sam Malcolm started out writing and hosting Murder Mystery nights as fundraisers for charity events that they are involved with. They received excellent feedback from these events with participants enjoying the chance to dress up and act as their character for the night, while trying to solve the mystery.

Due to the success of these events they have made each murder mystery that they have written available for you to purchase online so that you can host your own Murder Mystery.

We have the following mysteries available:

*  Murder at the Races – (16 -30 participants)
*  Murder on the Seas- (11-15 participants)
*  Murder at the Music Festival (10-13 participants)
*  Murder at the Reunion (11-15 participants)
*  Murder at the Wedding (11-14 participants)

And our newest mystery – Christmas Murder Mystery! It is family friendly, and we have one for 11-15 people and another for a larger group of 16-30 people. Great fun for Christmas Parties, something fun to do on Christmas day or just because!

So grab some friends, family, work colleagues for your next event and play one of the best games you’ll ever play


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