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My roots are French, Spanish and Italian. Since my childhood, I have been lulled by this mixture of culture, languages and of course cuisine. I am used to mix all these different flavors and types of cuisines, which makes everything very unique and surprising! Combining sweets and savory is just sublime! It gives you that little extra that makes all the difference. Why not cook a beef Bourguignon and adding a dash of chocolate to the sauce and serving it as a burger? Why not cook the traditional duck with olives and serve it in dumplings with an orange and sweet chili sauce?

At Urban Flair, I create, mix all the different types of cuisine and flavors, revisit traditional dishes and turn it into street food, combining together the most delicious and unexpected flavors. I leave the classic and take you to a different world where my cuisine will amaze you, awaken memories, make you smile and discover new flavors.

At Urban Flair, we are supporting small Kiwi businesses and that is why we are only working with local suppliers and small businesses. On the top of that, we are trying to use at maximum free range and organics products.

Also, we are using Biodegradable, Eco Friendly and sustainable packaging, containers and cutlery.

I am available for all types of events and catering from Weddings, Corporate Events to markets with the food truck with a large range of menu items, fancy or classics. I am also a private chef and I do 2 or 3 courses fine dinning at home. I will come to your house or the place of your choice and do all the cooking, and you can observe me and interact with me in the comfort of your own kitchen.


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