Little Red Milkshakery

Tasty milkshake - event vendor

Founder: Miranda,

Who are the founders behind your business
Miranda, is the brains and beauty behind Little Red. She has never been a coffee drinker and found that milkshakes were the forgotten sad friend of the beverage crew. So she set out to change that. After renovating a classic kiwi caravan and trialing a hundred different shake combos, she’s made the best of the best on 4 wheels..

What do you love about what you do?
Being in the caravan makes us happy. It takes a long time to prepare Little Red for a gig, sometimes it’s nerve wracking. But when we get our aprons on and get to making shakes and shaking our bootys, it is such a joy.  

What is a sustainable/ethical achievement?
We are proudly vegan friendly and dairy free! We believe nobody should compromise on delicious taste so we make 4 excellent flavours using dairy and non-dairy/vegan friendly ingredients. Everybody wins! 

Businesses you love to collaborate with?
We use only the best of kiwi ingredients especially coming from Little Island Coconut Creamery and Pete’s Natural. Although completely different on the taste spectrum, these guys make quality products in their respective fields. 

How do you get a party started?
We DANCE. Our funky Little Red comes with funky tunes and lots of dancing feet inside too! We reckon it makes our shakes taste better 😉 If you need party starters, look no further. What better way to start a party than women with no shame serving fantastic shakes? 

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