Munch Catering

Ben Batterbury chef from munch catering Event Planning NZ

Founder:  Ben

Who are the founders behind (your business)?
The founders behind my business is just me! I have admin help from my partner and wheel in some friends from the industry to help out when needed for certain events.

Why would someone use your product/service?
Our service is very personal, friendly and of course professional!
I try to create each event specifically for the guests needs so they receive exactly what they want and not what they feel people expect at their event.
I always say to enquires at the beginning whether it be a birthday or wedding etc

Its your day what are your favourite foods to eat?` Why do you need a birthday cake for example if your favourite dessert is sticky toffee pudding. Spoil yourself on this special occasion and the other guests will enjoy it just as much I guarantee it!

What do you love about what you do?
The best things about doing private events is that it you are very close to the clients and you feel much more part of it and get to interact with them while they dine instead of being locked away in a kitchen and rarely get to meet the people you are cooking for. Also each event is quite unique so the work is very varied.

Your top tip for a successful event?
Be organised! Make sure you have everything covered and be prepared to change on the fly. Make sure your team are in the same mindset. Be friendly as this helps the guests to relax and enjoy more. If all this fails pour the wine faster.

Advice on how to get a party started?
For parties you need to make sure the clients are relaxed and have faith in you that you have it under control so they don’t need to worry, then they will get their own party started! As for the food make sure the first thing you serve is either amazing or quirky or both to get the attention of the diners and make them talk about it. First impressions are important.

A trend you are loving right now?
I know its been going on a while but the whole family style/sharing trend is such a nice way to eat. I grew up eating like this as a kid rather than having my food plated for me. It works really well for main courses.

What makes your company different to your competitors?
We offer pretty much anything food orientated so we are able to cater for any type of event. I really enjoy the variety and to me whether it is a morning tea or a 6 course tasting menu, good food is good food.

Has business changed for you since COVID19?
We only started late last year so we were just getting momentum when covid hit. For me the whole point in doing this was to get into the local NZ market as these are the people I live with and I want to meet them. This was our goal. The biggest change has been to fast track our future goals as overseas guests are not coming. It has actually been great to meet so many locals. Also another future goal was to do pop up food trucks which has also been fast tracked and we looked at gaps in the local market and decided that there is a huge lack of quality fish & chips so I put a lot of work into perfecting this and I believe we now offer the best around. Doing something as simple as fish & chips really well has created a massive following and proves my theory that good food is good food. 

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