Renee Currie Styles

REnee Currie Styles

Company Founder: Renee

Who are the founders behind your business
I started my business as part of a franchise back in 2018, setting up teepee sleepover parties mostly, then establishing myself in luxury picnics.  I found that the franchise thing was not for me and pulled away from that and after taking a good year long break from the party planning for most of 2020. As timing would have it,  I was made redundant from my 16 year International flying career with Air NZ at the end of 2020 as a result of COVID and the closing of our boarders, this was the perfect opportunity to get back into my passion of styling and creating…. Luckily I had kept all my party inventory so I went out on my own and launched Renee Currie Styles. 

The name Renee Currie Styles, apart from being my name, was taken from what was initially just a instagram page I ran to show my party set ups and passion for party styling. So I ran with that name and started out again on my own in December 2020, just a week after leaving Air NZ. 

What do you love about what you do?
I  have always loved to plan and have parties, loving the process of organising, styling and designing every detail. It has always been my passion. My friends and family have always told me to do it for a living… and now I am… well almost. I still work a part time job too!

What are you most proud of about in your company?
I’m most proud of my product and styling and the fact I don’t have a cookie cutter offering. Each party is slightly different and unique, depending on my clients needs. I am adaptable and can mix and match and create looks with my rather large amount of inventory!! I do love a cushion!! I also make sure I don’t use plastic party products, only reusable or recyclable. 

Beautiful Pop up picnic by the sea – Renee Currie Styles

A trend you are loving right now?
I’m absolutely loving the dried flower look and the colour trend of burnt orange, peachy and pink tones.  I have just showcased this trend at the Bay of Plenty wedding show.  And I love that candle sticks are back….simple and elegant on any picnic table.

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