Sista Trio Retreats


Founder: Toni, Jennie & Coryn

Who are the founders behind your business
Three sisters. Actual sisters. The Smith Girls. Toni Paltridge – the oldest and the marketing sister.Jennie Jackson – the middle sister. The yogi, plus with a background in finance is the bean counter of the family.Coryn Smith – youngest sister. Naturopath, herbalist and massage therapist.

What do you love about what you do?
Number one would be working with my sisters. It’s so refreshing when your peeps get you!The second thing is witnessing and being part of the amazing connection that comes about with women on every retreat we run.The third is the outstanding locations we visit throughout the country. 

Got a great story to tell us about your business?
The biz was started in 2018 after Toni had a health scare. Prior to that Toni had been busy being a mother of three and working in marketing in the travel industry. When her world was turned up-side-down she left work and put herself to bed and ate tremendous amounts of donuts. Like sisters do, Jen and Coryn swopped in and supported. In amongst the tears, laughter, hugs and support Jen suggested that maybe Toni needed to keep busy and come join her and Coryn in this business idea that’s been ruminating for a while. Besides, she said ‘you’ve got the skills we need’. 

Jen being a Yoga teacher and Coryn with her naturopathy skills had been talking for years about bringing their skills together and helping women with stress and life and stuff. The idea had remained an idea until the three sisters went away for a weekend (after Toni stopped scoffing donuts!) and they give this idea some life. A name was created and a date set for the first weekend retreat. Sista Trio Retreats was a go. 

And we haven’t looked back since, with every retreat thus far being sold out. Plus Toni’s health is all good now. 

What makes you different to your competitors
We are real women. We are sisters and it’s more than just a business. It really shows on every retreat that we are so passionate and genuine with what we offer, plus a good percentage of ladies keep coming back!! 

Who are some businesses you love to collaborate with?
Google loves reciprocal links right?! Of which we have none as yet. This is on the list however!Any of our suppliers would be a great start. These are generally NZ based companies, who’s product we use in our goodie bags. 
Earthbound honey
Oman Honey
Evolu Skincare
Mamamuti Cacao 
The Chocolate Tour Company
Hello Luna NZ

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