The Dessert Experience

Happy people at a chocolate tasting workshop {Events New Zealand}

Founder:  Claire

Who are the founders behind the Dessert Experience?

Claire Guenegan, pastry chef for over 15 years. I worked in several countries to learn about taste and flavours and how to adapt recipes to a new population.

Why would someone book your service? 

It’s a fun experience to connect with food, local producers, bring awareness to what you like or not, discover new brands and learn about the history behind each products. Challenge your taste buds, and discover who’s the chocolate connoisseur in your family/ friends.

What do you love about what you do? 

I love sharing my experiences with customers; to connect them with flavours and aromas, through a chocolate journey around the world. Seeing people connecting with each other around local products and understanding what they like or not.

Your top tip for a successful event? 

Have great people around you, relatives and/or friends, it can be a small group or bigger. Choose a comfortable place (living room, dining room, art studio, café, etc). Sit relax and let us taking you in a journey around chocolate and pairing food.

Any sustainable / ethical achievement you want to boast about? 

We are using New Zealand products and we will connect you with local producers, to share their unique stories.

What are you most proudest about in your company? 

Everyone can learn and discover new things during any tasting. I have families with teenagers, learning to appreciate food and understanding flavours and aromas. We can cover any preferences (wine, beer, gin, whiskey, tea, just chocolate) at any ages from 8 years old to 70+ years old. It’s a new way to create memories.

What makes your company different to your competitors? 

I have been in a pastry chef for over 15 years, specialise in chocolate making. I will share tips and fun facts, experiences, culinary stories,etc. I have selected products respecting an ethical way of working with the finest ingredients.

Who are some businesses you love to collaborate with?

Epic beer, Juno Gin, Urbanaut brewery, Oak estate, Foundry chocolate, Lavender hill, Deep creek brewery, Thomson whiskey, Hidden World Gin, Zealong, Soljans, New Zealand Whiskey Company, and many more.

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