The Rollin Pedaler

The Rollin Pedaler serving up ice cream {Events New Zealand}

Founder:  James and Laura

Who are the founders behind The Rollin’ Pedaler?

Laura -the Kiwi- is known by many (mainly James) as The Ring Leader, Director of Scooping, Happiness Distributer and the Day Dreamer. James -the Pom- is the Pedaler Top Dog (when Laura allows it), Treasurer of Coins, Innovator of Tricycles and Chief Waffler – if you love a chat, James is the man to see!

What’s the funniest/weirdest thing that’s happened to you at an event?  

Whilst parked up at a Wedding, we had a gentleman approach the tricycle who had had a few too many “lemonades”. He was very interested in Evelyn, our tricycle, and whether she actually pedaled. James responded “Yes of course! We’ll be pedalling her home later!”. The now very excited gentleman proceeded to jump on Evelyn and start pedalling away!!! This would have been all well and good, but on this occasion we were parked up inside of a dining hall! Moral of the story – Evelyn is not a mobile tricycle whilst indoors (licensed Pedalers only)!

What do you love about what you do? 

Mainly it’s the freezer full of Ice Cream (we loooove Ice Cream)! Closely followed by the joy we bring to our clients by being able to serve them Ice Cream. Our business is not a job to us. Every time we are out scooping we are participating in enjoyable memories for fellow Ice Cream fanatics. This makes us very happy, and honoured to be a part of their special day!

Your top tip for a successful event? 

1. Make sure the freezer is switched on.
2. Did we remember the Ice Cream?
3. Don’t panic! If something goes wrong, take a breath. Chances are no one else will notice.

What makes your company different to your competitors? 

We are unique. The Rollin’ Pedaler is a one of a kind vintage styled Ice Cream Tricycle – you won’t find anyone like us in NZ. We are an event based company who specializes in Weddings and Corporate functions. We serve scooped Ice Cream in waffle cones, along with a great sense of humour and unlimited banter. If you want a memorable experience, rather than just Ice Cream, then we are the Pedalers for you.

A trend you are loving right now? 

Dried florals!!! We are obsessed, and love adding them to our set up. Dried florals are great for styling your event, as a bouquet, and just general decor (home, office, event). If you are not on the dried floral train you need to check out all the amazing florists who specialise in them. We can’t get enough! 

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